CAP UCLA City Light Pole Banners

Whether you’re a marketing officer, an event planner or you are aiming to raise awareness within a community, you want people to see or hear your message. A decade ago, marketing and advertising was largely focused on printed media, radio and TV. For smaller events, door to door leaflet drops required a lot of cost… Read more »

Outdoor Media Fighting Your Cause

Whether you are fighting for raising awareness of your local rescue shelter, or you are campaigning for preservation of the oceans and the life within them, each person has a cause that is close to their heart. For charities, or for anyone representing their chosen interest, your aim is to make other people aware of… Read more »

Promoting With Outdoor Media

Promoting With Outdoor Media Summer is a great time for listening to live music. Whether you are down at the beach where there are different bands and a selection of types of music while you watch the sun set and enjoy a BBQ, or you are attending one of the big names in the music… Read more »

floor and sidewalk stickers

As a nation, we’re encouraged to get active and help keep fit and healthy. There are so many places outdoors that have places to walk, run, jog, or take part in classes such as yoga or meditation. Not only does being active outdoors help you keep fit, but exposure to sunlight can help boost serotonin… Read more »

Outdoor Marketing throughout Summer

The heat is rising, it’s that time of year when people think about outdoor socialising (think BBQs and pool parties) in the evenings while taking refuge in air conditioned offices during the hottest parts of the day. If you’re promoting any events, museum exhibits, concerts or community get togethers, it’s the perfect time of year… Read more »