Promoting With Outdoor Media

Promoting With Outdoor Media

Summer is a great time for listening to live music. Whether you are down at the beach where there are different bands and a selection of types of music while you watch the sun set and enjoy a BBQ, or you are attending one of the big names in the music industry at the football stadium, memories are created for a lifetime. For concert organisers and promoters, effective advertising is important. There are hundreds of events for people to attend, and you want to ensure that your concert or open air festival is the one that they choose to attend. Great advertising is the best way to get tickets sold and audiences engaged. And outdoor advertising is the perfect way to attract people to your events

Achieving your ticket sales goals with Outdoor media

Even for leading names in the music industry, if their fans are busy and not regularly accessing social media, with the speed at which timelines move on, they may miss announcements about tour dates and not realise there are tickets on sale. For smaller names, or newcomers this can be incredibly challenging to try to encourage audiences to you show. But with Outdoor advertising , anything is possible! AGMedia interior building banners printed with the details of the newest shows on offer, situated in the lobby or on the walls of the concert venue, is a great way to get the attention of music fans and let them know about upcoming events. For a more prominent and impactful campaign, City Light Pole Banners can be designed, printed and installed by AGMedia along some of the busiest commuter routes in the city to ensure the maximum number of people are attracted to your upcoming event. With eye catching designs promoting your concert and musical event to the thousands of eyes every hour, you are on track to selling more and more tickets for your event!

Get in the groove with music events this summer with outdoor media from AGMedia!

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