A New Approach To Promoting Events

We are used to seeing adverts for events on Facebook and instagram, we have long been accustomed to seeing flyers for events or looking in printed newspapers or magazines if we think that there is a chance that there will be an event coming up that you may like to attend. But what about events you are not sure are taking place? How can organisers get the information to the potential attendees when they are not sure where they will look, or in some cases, who the potential visitors will be? And how do you know you will get their attention? If you are unsure of your demographic, or you are looking to reach a new audience, then the same sponsored posts on social media, or adverts on Google won’t get you far, you have to try a new approach and make your potential attendees sit up and pay attention. So why not try outdoor media?

City Light Pole Banners For Events

If you are struggling to get your event seen by a wider audience, there has never been a better time to try something new. Outdoor media is a marketing tool that can be used in any industry sector, whether you are running a not for profit event, or you are hosting an event for your business, you are guaranteed to reach a wider audience than using conventional routes. Printed and installed by AGMedia along popular routes of the city, your city light pole banners or single site banners are ideal to attract the attention of passers by. Unlike Facebook adverts that they may see numerous times in one hour from many different businesses, you will not see such saturated advertising and so your potential audience will be far more likely to be paid attention to. There are various different options within outdoor advertising, from city light pole banners, to building banners or over the street banners, the team at AGMedia can advise on the recommended advertising for your event.

Try something new today with outdoor media and AGMedia.

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