Fresh Approach To Fundraising Events

Hosting fundraising events, although extremely rewarding, can be a challenge. How do you ensure that you attract enough attendees and that you make a name for the reason behind the fundraiser? From charity auctions, to a “night at the races”, gala dinners to theatre extravaganzas with a range of artists , the types of fundraising activity are changing and expanding continuously to attract newer audiences and fresh finances into charity and welfare causes. If you do not cover the costs of the events, you will not raise funds so it is essential to get the right coverage to attract attendance, sponsorship and spreading the word. That is where AGMedia can come in!

Fundraising and Outdoor Media

AGMedia understand the importance of making sure news about your fundraising event is disseminated as widely as possible. Raising money for your charity is the priority and you want as much exposure as you can get. Outdoor media is a great way to raise the profile of any fundraising idea. Whether you choose City Light Pole Banners, or building banners, you can choose a design that captures the spirit of your event and uses eyecatching imagery to ensure that passers by cannot miss. Outdoor media is unmissable. Installed in popular thoroughfares, it will be seen by thousands of people every single day. Therefore if you are unsure of the demongraphic you are attracting, or who may be interested, you are reaching a far greater audience than the standard methods you may have been trying, and generated the same results.

If you are a charity or organising a fundraising event, talk to us about how City Light Pole Banners can help you

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