Outdoor Marketing throughout Summer

The heat is rising, it’s that time of year when people think about outdoor socialising (think BBQs and pool parties) in the evenings while taking refuge in air conditioned offices during the hottest parts of the day. If you’re promoting any events, museum exhibits, concerts or community get togethers, it’s the perfect time of year to tailor your campaigns to a summer theme. Giving your outdoor media campaigns a summer feel can help get the attention of the local people who will pass your banners or city light pole banners daily. Using popular psychology, if you’re experiencing a heat wave, you can instantly attract more attention by appealing to people’s sense of frustration with the heat. If you’re overly hot, you will be subliminally attracted to anything that reminds you of cooling off. For example, when you plan your outdoor marketing campaign, use a combination of blues, whites and if you have air con, let your guests know! But how do you decide on your outdoor media campaign? Ask AGMedia!

Attracting Your Audience With Outdoor Media

AGMedia are the specialists in outdoor media, from city light pole banner campaigns lining the popular streets of commuter journeys through to over the street banners in your local community to promote a local get together, they have the perfect option for every customer. Each outdoor media campaign can be individually tailored and custom printed to the needs of the client, no matter what their requirements are! From a brightly colored summer themed banner to promote an community BBQ fundraiser for a local charity or an event you are promoting through City Light Pole Banners using a cool, relaxing approach to appeal to the hot and stressed people on their way to and from work, the clarity and quality of AGMedia print will turn heads.

For a summer to remember, call AGMedia for leading outdoor media campaigns.

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