CAP UCLA City Light Pole Banners

Whether you’re a marketing officer, an event planner or you are aiming to raise awareness within a community, you want people to see or hear your message. A decade ago, marketing and advertising was largely focused on printed media, radio and TV. For smaller events, door to door leaflet drops required a lot of cost and legwork, but with very few options, marketing teams took whatever routes they could to get their message out. As times have changed, printed media has rapidly been largely succeeded by digital channels, but when it comes to events, museum exhibits, community gatherings and similar, these channels do not get the exposure needed to ensure success. Outdoor media presents an accessible and exciting option for sharing marketing messages, and City Light Pole banners are one of the most eye-catching media options available!

Why should I choose city light pole banners?

Some of the busiest routes in the city will host thousands of cars every day. Commuters on their daily journey, schoolchildren, families and passengers grabbing a lift, the demographic is huge. City Light Pole Banners are a great way to advertise to the people along these routes. To be seen by hundreds of thousands of eyes, every single week. These prominent banners are placed up high where they are sure to attract the attention of the almost everyone, and repeated in multiples in order to strongly reinforce the message. AGMedia can print your design to high specifications with an exceptional quality finish, in your chosen color palette. From conception to completion, AGMedia can assist with all aspects of designing, installing and carrying out a campaign, including locations and installation, and ensuring your design catches attention.

Find out what City Light Pole Banners can do for your campaigns today.

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