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Unless you have been at home with no access to media, it is no surprise that this week marks the departure of Barack Obama from the White House, and the inauguration of Donald Trump, the new president of the United States. The immediate future is unknown. Inevitably policies and key personnel are going to change,… Read more »

Outdoor media for sports and teams

Sports and fitness classes are incredible ways to get healthy while meeting new people and gaining valuable life skills. If you’re thinking of trying something new for the year ahead and you’re unsure about remaining motivated and encouraged to work, then joining a team is the ideal way to change your fitness regime. Soccer, Football,… Read more »

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Everything you need to know about outdoor media You should have finalised your marketing budgets, and be working on your 2017 tactical marketing plans now – whether you’re a theater planning ahead for productions, a school planning or college for your next intake or a community planning your events. For many people, outdoor media is… Read more »

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It’s inevitable as the New Year starts that people are focusing on their fitness and lifestyle goals. Losing weight, getting fit, and stopping smoking or drinking are common choices for new year resolutions. For communities , if you are hosting support classes locally, it’s the perfect time to let people know. Weight Watcher groups, classes… Read more »

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You’ve tried Facebook, AdWords, Bing and the results are good, but they could be better. You’ve looked at traditional printed media like newspapers, but they are expensive and you cannot effectively measure the ROI. There’s TV advertising, but the costs really outweigh the benefits for smaller businesses or lesser known brands. So, what about a… Read more »