A proven principle of marketing is: repeated impressions breeds remembrance, which breeds results. Place based displays located where particular groups congregate for a variety of purposes such as the restrooms of restaurants and nightclubs, in the common areas of health clubs and bars, on college and high school campuses, in arcades, in doctors’ waiting rooms, golf courses and, of course, in your parking lot one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. The repetition of your message on attractive parking lot banners will reach consumers many times – not just once. And that is what you want from your advertising.

Parking lot banners unleash the power that is right in your own backyard. Customers who live and work no more than a 5 to 10 minute drive from your location are where the overwhelming majority of your best customer’s come from. Closing the sale begins with attracting those customers to your parking lot because nobody will know how great your products, services, and people are until they come into your store. Your parking lot banners can be used to reach your potential customers more effectively than any other form of advertising.

Begin that first step with light pole parking lot banners that consistently attract the attention of diverse commuters, visually communicate success, and bear customized messaging from branding to special deals. There’s nothing else like them.

As the industry leader and largest provider, we have the experience and expertise to make your campaign high impact and hassle-free. With our turnkey approach, quality production process, customer service focus, and reputation for delivering results, our success is yours. Make AGMedia’s light pole parking lot banners part of your next campaign to boost your sales.

What are parking lot banner programs?

Light pole parking lot banners are a dynamic form of outdoor advertising that can create a memorable impression. Used by businesses to attract new passing customers or inform regular customers of special offers – light pole banners are distinctive, inviting, and unforgettable. As a means to spread a consistent message to the masses they capture the attention of drivers and they can bring a cohesiveness to your parking lot with eye-catching displays and graphics that practically jump off the pole.

How can AGMedia parking lot banner programs help promote your business?

Aside from being one of the most cost effective form of popular outdoor advertising, one of the key selling points of parking lot banner programs is that you can have virtually any type of design or message on your banners. AGMedia has a seasoned creative team capable of creating artwork that represents your branding and event at the highest level. We offer a turnkey approach from start to finish, and we are dedicated to making the process smooth, successful and cost effective and handle each outdoor advertising project every step of the way.

  • Industry Leader

    AGMedia Design for Outdoor Advertising
    AGMedia are the largest provider of light pole banners in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We are the long-term, exclusive partner of choice for leading cultural, civic, governmental and non-profit organizations in Los Angeles and Southern California; our clients enjoy high standards and exceptional service, and impressive results.

  • Large Format Design

    Large format design must not only arrest the eye, but support the brand and inspire the target audience. Our creative team understands the value of delivering a banner program that not only integrates well with your current branding, but one that creates an emotional response and connection with your target audience.

  • Production Expertise

    AGMedia’s investment in leading edge large format print technology gives us the ability to be able to produce all products in-house. Our highly trained and committed team, combined with the latest colour management and pre-flighting systems, ensure that the highest quality, color consistency and accuracy are maintained at all times.
Our large format printers, with roll-to-roll and direct-to-substrate capability, allow us to print onto a vast range of outdoor advertising media.

  • Statewide Install Install

    AGMedia have an experienced team of installers across Southern California and beyond. Our installers have vast experience in outdoor advertising installation and are all fully licensed and insured, making sure your next outdoor advertising program is always implemented to the highest standards.

  • Turnkey Approach

    AGMedia offers a turnkey approach from start to finish, and we are dedicated to making the process smooth, successful and cost effective. We handle each outdoor advertising project every step of the way so you don’t have to, including:

    • Strategic, creative and location planning
    • Permit coordination
    • Careful image reproduction to the highest quality available for large format
    • A perfected production process with quality checks to deliver superior products
    • Timely installation and removal
    • Post-removal banner management