Hammer Museum – “Llyn Foulkes”

City Light Pole Banners

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Innovative painter and musician Llyn Foulkes knows how to capture and hold attention with his raw, unfiltered, thought-provoking work. City Light Pole Banners (CLPB) from AG Media know how to capture attention, too, which makes them a perfect marketing choice to promote an extensive career retrospective of Foulkes’ work at the Hammer Museum February 3… Read more »

Hammer: “Graphic Design: Now in Production”

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Production of great advertising is like production of great art – quality work inspires attention and awe. That’s why the Hammer Museum turned to AG Media to promote their “Graphic Design: Now in Production” exhibit on City Light Pole Banners (CLPBs) throughout the busy streets of Los Angeles. On a daily basis, thousands of commuters are exposed to… Read more »