Musical Journeys With Outdoor Media

AGMedia Light Pole Banners to Promote Music Events

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The diversity of musical performances that one can enjoy throughout LA rivals nowhere else. From opera to musical theater, the latest pop band through to emerging talent – however eclectic your taste, you will live music throughout the city. But how do you stumble across new performers? How do you find out about an orchestra’s… Read more »

Building a cooperative community

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Throughout the suburbs and districts of larger cities, we find thriving and welcoming communities – places where families grow and establish, new residents build foundations and events, culture and education are at the heart of place many people call their home.  With growing populations, traditional methods of communication within communities have radically changed. Once focused… Read more »

Bringing performing arts to the people of LA

UCLA performing arts outdoor advertising in LA

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At AGMedia we pride ourselves on delivering not only a product that exceeds our clients’ expectations, but providing a welcoming service where you, as the client, feel valued and your needs are fully met. The Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA (CAP-UCLA) commissioned their first project with us back in 2003. Twelve years… Read more »