Repeat Exposure with Light Pole Banner Advertising

The human brain is incredibly complex – retaining information from the moment you’re born and allowing you to recall events and information and articulate it. Over a lifetime each individual is exposed to so many different stimuli, that they cannot possibly remember everything. For marketers the challenge for a campaign is to ensure that your potential buyers see your ad, and remember the contents! To improve the recall rates of any campaign, ensuring that the message is repeated is a simple way to help your audience remember your name and event. Showing someone the same image and information repeatedly is a proven way to improve recall. For the brain to process information, if shown the same information on multiple exposures, it triggers the movement of information from short-term into long-term memory. The more times you’re exposed to something, the more likely your mind recognizes this as “important” and processes it as such into the memory. For that reason, AGMedia highly recommends City Light Pole Banners for getting your message out there.

City Light Pole Banners For Effective Marketing

Imagine a series of colorful, bold and eye-catching banners, on light poles along the busy commuter and pedestrian routes of the local areas. AGMedia brings you City Light Pole Banners – the highest-quality printed outdoor advertising, creating maximum impact for your event. Ideally your city light pole banner campaign will span a large number of light poles in heavy traffic areas of the city, timed to run in advance of the event when bookings are open. AGMedia can design, manufacture and install these city light pole banners and can help ensure your design is pleasing to the eye with all the information your potential visitors need. Repeated over a series of banners, there is a greater likelihood that people will notice your banners, first, and second, remember the message after they have left the area.

For the most effective outdoor marketing campaigns, call AGMedia.

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