Outdoor media for theaters and musicals

Stars of the future

I’m sure many of us remember our school productions – the first steps onto that stage and looking out over a dark audience wondering if your parents were watching. Some of us carried on, some weren’t bitten by the bug. It’s probably little surprise that many of today’s celebrities started young with school drama and musicals. Both broadway stars and movie actors, learning about acting, singing and the work behind the scenes from a young age can set you up for a great career. Any show needs an audience and a great audience encourages performance – so how do you make sure you have full seats at theatre events for all ages? Outdoor media!

Outdoor media for theaters and musicals

Whether it is a well loved musical you are doing for exams or a piece that has been created by a college group, you want to make sure your audience is full and people enjoy your show. Making sure people know it will be on well in advance of the date will ensure you can sell tickets prior to the show. A great outdoor media campaign will help boost interest and gets your seats booked. City Light Pole Banners that line the streets of the popular areas of the city, or in the vicinity of your theater, with the key information about your show, will be sure to create a buzz. Eye catching graphics combined with contact information and dates, will turn heads and, seen over and over again, will subliminally become conversation point or reminder later on. There are other choices if City Light Pole Banners don’t appeal, such as exterior graphics – such as a building banner on the outside of your theater, or window graphics on the side of the booking office.

Whatever your choice, AGMedia can help you design, manufacture and install your ideal outdoor advertising campaign to promote your latest production.


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