grand opening giant 3d foam letters

Opening weekend for your store after months of prep is a momentous occasion for any business. You need to ensure that your hours of hard work will pay off and that you will fill your aisles, sell out your promotions and generally generate a buzz around your new store. Printed media does not extend far enough to attract the audience you need, radio can be hit and miss and can also be expensive, and social media is impossible as you do not know who you need to market to initially. That is where a Grand Opening Kit from AGMedia can help. Improving traffic to your store by as much as 70%. Ideal for attracting the attention of everyone who drives past or walks past the location of your parking lot, a grand opening kit can create an exceptional impact.

Using a Grand Opening Kit from AGMedia

Promotion and advertising is a very important part of planning your opening weekend for your new store – whether you are reopening after a rebranding or you are completely new store. Ideally any local promotions should be started around 4 weeks before the actual opening date in order to drum up interest and make sure your advertising is used to full potential. Fully customised according to your brand and using any promotions that you choose to run for your initial opening weekend, Grand Opening Kits are unmissable in the lead up to the planned opening. Depending on the size and location of your parking lot and store, you may choose a combination of products including exterior banners, parking lot banners, pennants, roof flags and window graphics to select a package that works best for you. Designed, manufactured and installed by AGMedia, designs are fully bespoke from bold, branding colors across the outdoor media, through to images or text to illustrate your opening offers and promotions.

To find out more about planning a successful grand opening weekend with outdoor media, call AGMedia today.

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