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It only seems like a few moments ago that school was over for the summer. As the new term quickly approaches, for anyone working around a school or college campus, it’s the ideal time to make sure the new students know where they are going, what they should be looking out for and what clubs and societies you can sign up for. Starting college can be incredibly daunting, and a welcoming campus on arrival can go some way to providing some reassurance that you are in the right place and that there is lots to keep you busy. As you can imagine, it can be difficult to capture the attention of someone who is overwhelmed by a new place, new people and new starts, so having clear, bold signs and displas can be really useful. And AGMedia can help!

Campus Banners and Signage

Dedicated to creating a professional look, AGMedia we can help bring your campus banners, signage and any displays you need for promoting societies and clubs to everyone’s attention. If you are looking to welcome new students, exterior banners could be used to highlight different areas of the campus (ideal to stop them getting lost) or perhaps using exterior banners to promote the various sporting clubs, theater groups or educational groups that are on offer to help them build friends and find their feet. Directional signage, including the names of the departments and faculties, should be refreshed if they are starting to look tired. Keeping them all with a consistent look can help maintain the look and feel of your school’s environment and image. City Light Pole Banners or flag pole banners are another exciting way to lift the look of the area – they are ideal for reinforcing the missions and goals of the school , or for listing events that are taking place.

However you want to improve the look of the campus or school, talk to the experts in outdoor media, AGMedia.

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