Family Friendly Outdoor Media

The “conventional” family has changed rapidly over the past decade, couples are having children later choosing to focus first on their career, adoption is more accessible and families aren’t just mom and dad, there are two moms, two dads and grandparents who take responsibility for children. Across the board there are hundreds of events, activities and gatherings for families every week. Some are specifically targeted, for example single parent families, while others are just fun for everyone. Whatever event is taking place, if people do not know about it, then it will be impossible for them to attend. For busy families, conventional marketing routes may not be appropriate, they may not be on social media regularly or may not have time to read printed publications. One route to getting a message in front of families that does not rely on time, is outdoor media. Whatever dynamic there is within a family, children will attend school and parents will need to visit health centers, grocery stores and such like, and so will no doubt be passing along popular routes within the city.

Outdoor Advertising For Families

Once you have the route of local families pinpointed, you now have to capture their attention. Naturally marketing to young people is different to targeting other demographics, you will want less copy, plenty of visual imagery and eye catching design. City Light Pole Banners are ideal as they can be repeated over a number of banners, giving the viewer the experience of seeing the images and text plenty of times, which helps improve recall.  Other ideas could be an over the street banner, or exterior building banners close to places families are likely to visit. Designed to your individual needs by AGMedia, specialists in outdoor advertising, an outdoor media campaign can have a huge impact. Simply decide on your message, and let AGMedia know your target market is families, and let them design a fantastic, lasting campaign for you.

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